I grew up in Fallbrook, a small, southern California town that barely made it onto the map. Growing up, I always loved the idea of donating my toys and games for someone else to enjoy. It was energizing to give my once loved things a second chance while clearing my space to make room for what I loved now.

I still love giving my things a second chance. I have moved five times in ten years and as I approached each of my moves, I became excited about making each new space into a home. Once I made the conscious choice to only keep what I use, need, and love, my sense of “home” began to feel more peaceful. Instead of searching for things that I needed, I knew where to find everything that I owned.

By dedicating the time to de-clutter, sort, and organize, I believe every space can be a retreat. I started Everyday Order because I wanted  to share my passion for living simply with everyone. 

At home in Montclair, you will find me walking in Anderson Park with my husband and son and frequently visiting Java Love. I love creating delicious recipes for family and friends and getting outside as much as possible.


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